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Mountainbiking and High Mountain ……..passion and emotion!

BIKE&MOUNTAIN was founded with the aim of promoting outside sports holidays dedicated to mountains, snow and water, mixing them together with a love of mountain biking.

It’s based in the Aosta Valley, a small region in the north-west of Italy at the foot of the Alps highest group of mountains: Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn and in particular Mont Blanc. Access is easy from main airports such as Geneva, Turin and Milan

 Gianfranco Sappa
Guida Alpina
Maestro d’alpinismo
Maestro di Mountain Bike
Via des Iles, 32
Mobile +39 3355386528
Technical direction
Piazza della Repubblica, 11
11100 Aosta
Tel. 016544122
Fax. 016533222
Foro Competente: Aosta



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